Our Registration Services Package costs US$ 995, and with that, you get:

  • Sales tax-free vehicle registration (registration fees are included in our fee)

  • Montana LLC creation and maintenance for one year*

    • Identity Verification

    • Power of Attorney creating using online notarization via NotaryCam

    • Filing of annual reports with the Montana Secretary of State's office

  • Courier service for registration documents including:

    • Pre-paid Fedex shipping label to courier the vehicle's title from the seller to visitor.us for registration

    • Expedited shipping of license plates, registration decals, and a registration document from visitor.us to an address of your choosing (can be the seller's, friends or family, or held for pickup at a Fedex location)

    • Expedited shipping of vehicle title

  • Access to visitor.us Vehicle Portal to view vehicle documents

  • Toll Notification Service

    *If you keep your vehicle for more than a year, we can maintain your LLC and registration for an annual maintenance fee of 195 USD/vehicle.

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