Buy a vehicle in America, even if you're just visiting. How, exactly? Below are the steps takes to get you on the road after you sign up.

  1. LLC Formation. When you sign up for, we'll form a Montana Limited Liability Company (LLC), owned 100% by you. This LLC is a resident of Montana, so it can register a vehicle here, even if you never set foot in the state.

  2. Vehicle Purchase. Buy any vehicle for sale in the United States of America. New or used; car, motorcycle, van, RV; private seller or dealership - whatever vehicle you want.

  3. Original Title. In order to register your vehicle to your LLC, we need the vehicle's title, its official and unique ownership document. Copies or photos won't work - the original title is required. When you provide with the vehicle's details and the seller's details, we'll email the seller a pre-paid Fedex shipping label to courier the vehicle's title to for registration. If the seller has any questions, we're happy to jump on the phone with them. Learn more about titles here.

  4. Power of Attorney. In order to register your vehicle to your LLC, we need written authorization from the LLC's owner. We use a Power of Attorney (POA) document to capture authorization. We use a service called NotaryCam to capture signature and notarization via a webcam appointment.

  5. Vehicle Registration. With your vehicle's original title, your LLC documents, and the signed and notarized POA, we head to the Montana Motor Vehicles Division and register your vehicle to your LLC. We submit original title and receive license plates, registration decals, and a registration document. We courier your plates and registration to an address of your choosing (can be the seller's, friends or family, or held for pickup at a Fedex location).

  6. Insurance. will a) arrange an insurance quote that covers you, your vehicle, and your LLC, or b) connect you with an insurer that can provide you a quote directly.

  7. Montana Title. A few weeks after registration, the Montana Motor Vehicles Division will mail a new Montana title - listing your LLC as the owner of the vehicle - to the registration address (i.e., your LLC's address). We will coordinate with you to courier your title to a location convenient to you (those on the road often choose to have the document held for pickup at a Fedex location).

  8. Selling Your Vehicle. At the end of your visit, you may want to sell your vehicle. Once you've identified a buyer, you'll need to have your signature on your Montana title notarized. Google "notary near me" (UPS locations often have notaries on staff) and head there with your Montana title, a government-issued photo ID, and your LLC's articles of organization (to prove that you own the LLC listed on the vehicle's title). A licensed notary will witness your signature and stamp your title. When you've collected payment from the buyer, hand your signed, notarized title and your vehicle's keys over to the buyer - that's all there is to it!

  9. (Ongoing Actions, optional.) You may decide to keep your vehicle for longer than one year. In this case, your LLC must file an Annual Report with the Montana Secretary of State, and your vehicle's registration must be renewed. will take both of these actions. We will file your LLC's Annual Report and provide documentation for your records. We will also renew your vehicle's registration - Montana's Motor Vehicles Department will mail a registration document and decals for the new registration year, and we will forward them on to the most convenient location for you.

  10. Wrapping Up Your Visit. After you sell your vehicle, just a couple of simple items remain to wrap things up. First, cancel your insurance, and your insurer will refund your unused premium. Second, we'll provide an LLC termination request form for your electronic signature. Once signed, we'll file Articles of Termination with the Montana Secretary of State, and provide documentation for your records.

So, as you can see, there is a bit of administration associated with buying a vehicle in America as a non-US resident. But is on the job - our process minimizes the amount of time you spend on these administrative details, and maximizes the amount of time you spend visiting the US!

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